Farmed and Wild Tuna Experts

For over two decades Prime Time has been providing the U.S. seafood market with quality fresh tuna, one of the most difficult, but key species in the industry. In addition to pioneering sources of tuna and by-catch worldwide, Prime Time is also fully committed to the development of sustainably-farmed finfish.

Products from Baja California

Prime Time Seafood works closely with its sources in order to ensure the highest quality product is received and ready to be provided to the market. We promote fresh quality seafood from pristine farms off the coast of Mexico.

Our farmed product suppliers & our warehouse in Los Angeles:


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Our Tuna Grading System

Each tuna is checked for quality, graded, and priced according to specific criteria our consumers need to know.  Prime Time Seafood is known for its accuracy in grading and attention to detail in their Tuna products.  A great seafood experience starts with a great seafood selection!