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It’s OK to eat Bluefin Tuna from Mexico

Lately you may have heard in the media the statement: “96% of the bluefin tuna have been fished out of the Pacific Ocean.”   At the same time commercial and recreational fishing experts have stated:  “The 2013 bluefin tuna season

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Seafood Expo, North America

Prime Time Seafood Inc. made its presence at the 2014 Seafood Expo in Boston.  Prime Time promoted its 4 farmed products from Baja California at the Samuels and Son exposition booth.  The exposition booth included a pop-up restaurant with professional

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Prime Time Seafood and Pacifico Partnership

In order to create a future for sustainable seafood stocks, Prime Time Seafood has teamed up with Pacifico Aquaculture from the pristine waters of Isla Todo Santos in Mexico.  Products are grown using sustainable methods from egg to harvest.  Currently,

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What is Sashi?

“Sashi,” which is the Japanese translation of “hole,” refers to the muscular liquefaction, or “pus pockets,” in tuna. A similar condition can occur in swordfish as well as other species, and is often referred to as “kudoa.” The basic cause is from infestations

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To Preferred Clients,     As you know, tuna grades vary for each supplier.  In order for us to see eye to eye with our clients, we thought it would be best to associate the grade with the application of each

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Rex Ito’s viewpoint regarding Mercury in Tuna

Periodically there are alarming announcements in the press regarding the level of mercury in tuna and other fishes.  “Is it safe to eat tuna?” is one of the first questions from the public.  There is no doubt certain species (swordfish,

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