To Preferred Clients,

    As you know, tuna grades vary for each supplier.  In order for us to see eye to eye with our clients, we thought it would be best to associate the grade with the application of each grade:



Over 60#

#1 Fat – High quality sashimi with “toro”:  The premium item in a sushi bar, price will vary depending on the fat content.  Can be extremely pricey.

+1 – Highest Sashimi quality:  Exceptionally bright, clear, red meat, to impress the most picky Japanese customer.

#1 – High quality sashimi:  Bright, clear red.  Strong shelf life.

A1 (American #1) – Sashimi quality, or for “seared ahi”:  Bright red, good shelf life.

+2 – Low-end sashimi quality or “seared ahi”:  Red, fair shelf life.

2G (Good #2) – Seared ahi, high cooking grade:  Not quite a true +2, better than flat #2

#2 – Seared ahi, high cooking grade:  Red, but not translucent (little cloudy or somewhat dark).

-2 – Strictly cooking grade:  Faded, very pale red, usually in the process of changing color.

#3 – Strictly cooking/smoking grade:  Brown “chocolate” color meat.



#1 – High quality sashimi, only smaller in size.  Often priced relatively lower, a very good value.

+2 – Low-end sashimi, seared ahi, cooking grade:  Red color, good shelf life,  always a good value.

#2 – Seared ahi, high cooking grade:  Red or pink (depending on species/origin), not translucent.


Sashimi, seared ahi, or cooking, depending on the grade.  A great value for clients that aren’t size specific and can cut with some imagination.


    Please review which grades would apply to your operation.  Feel free to send your opinions or questions.  We’ll be in touch.

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