Pacific Bluefin Tuna

Pacific Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus orientalis)

Also known as Northern Bluefin Tuna

General Description: Often found in the Northern Pacific, this species of tuna ranges from Eastern Asia to the West coast of North America and as far South as the tropics.  This meat can differentiate in color from deep rosy-red to light pink depending on its fat content.  Farm-raised Bluefin Tuna is the premium quality of the King of the Tunas.  Mexican farmed Bluefin is known for both excellent shelf-life of both its “akami” (red color meat) with “abura” (marbled fat).


Availability/Seasonality: Year round

Product Form: G&G

Size Range:

20 – 30 kg

40 – 60 kg

60 – 80 kg

80 – 100 kg

% yield from G&G:

Loin – 60-65%

Use:  Used exclusively in sashimi or sushi preparations, the fresh clean taste of sashimi quality red meat and the buttery taste and texture of the toro portions of the loin make this tuna one of the ultimate seafood experiences.  Can be cooked or smoked for phenomenal results as well.

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