About Us

Our Mission:

Procure and distribute the highest quality tuna and sustainably farmed marine fish, supporting responsible, science-based approaches to sourcing and handling of all wild and farmed species.

The History Of Prime Time Seafood:

Rex Ito, the founder and President of Prime Time Seafood, Inc., began in the early 1980’s as a marine biologist working as one of the pioneers in shrimp farming in Florida, Texas, then ultimately in Ecuador. In 1987 after several successful years developing commercial shrimp hatcheries and farms Rex moved back to his native California as a sales representative for the same shrimp farms he worked with in South and Central America.

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Sansei, or third generation American Japanese, Rex sold frozen shrimp to many Japanese clients. Minoru Yokoshima “Yoko” of International Marine Products in Los Angeles expressed a keen interest in buying Bigeye and Yellowfin tuna from South America. Shortly after in 1988 Rex formed Prime Time Seafood and began importing and wholesaling fresh tuna from Ecuador. Yoko taught the Japanese art of tuna grading to Rex, who in turn devised a more objective, scientific approach to grading tuna. 22 years has passed and Prime Time continues to import and wholesale tuna–now from all parts of the world. Countless tuna experts in the industry have been trained by Rex and/or worked in Prime Time.

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In 2001, and after seeing firsthand the overfishing of wild fish stocks, Rex was convinced that the future supply of the world’s seafood will come from farming. Having experience in both commercial aquaculture in Latin America, plus many years in marketing in the fresh tuna industry, becoming involved in a Bluefin tuna ranch in Mexico became a priority goal for Prime Time, and was a founding partner in “Bajamachi.” The long permitting process to farm bluefin tuna in Mexico allowed “Bajamachi,” to farm bluefin tuna in 2006-2008, while concurrently operating the core business of import and wholesale of fresh tuna.

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