Mexican “Hiramasa” California Yellowtail

California Yellowtail (Seriola lalandi)

also known as Hiramasa

General Description:  Jack shaped body with silver sides and yellow stripe along the midline. This species is found on the west coast of the Americas from Chile to Washington State. Product is harvested “ike jime” style for excellent meat quality and ultimate shelf life. The meat presentation is white with pinkish red bloodline with nice amount of fat content and great oceanic flavor.


Availability/Seasonality: Year round

Product Form: Whole Round

Size Range G&G:

2 – 3 kg

Yield %

G & G – 86-88%

H & G – 77-79%

Fillet – 42-44%

Use: Typically served raw as sashimi.  Also can be cooked or broiled.

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