Baja Kampachi

Baja Kampachi (Seriorla rivoliana)

General Description: Also known as the Almaco Jack or Kahala, this species of fish can be found in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.  Baja Kampachi is grown in the crystal clear tropical waters of La Paz, Baja California with no antibiotics or terrestrial proteins.

With a rich and balanced flavor, it is ideal for use in sushi & sashimi preparations.  Baja Kampachi is a versatile product in the kitchen with other methods such as grilling, sauteing, searing, or poaching.  High amounts of protein and omega-3’s make this fish a nutritious morsel as well.


Availability/Seasonality:  Year round

Product Form: Whole Round

Use:  Extremely versatile for all cooking and raw applications.  Used primarily as a raw fish.